Understanding the Different Types of Psychic Readers


Psychic readers are classified into different types depending on their special gifts and abilities. When people visit a psychic, they expect to be told their past life, present, future and maybe the next course of action. Go to http://www.onlinepsychic.eu/ for more details. Sometimes, it is not possible to get all this information from the same psychic, and this is the reason why you need to find the right psychic.

Choosing the right psychic reader is the best way to solve your problems and go to a psychic that can’t solve your problems. It is important to remember that there are psychics that are blessed with multiple gifts, and this makes it better for many people.

Psychics and their specialties


An astrologer is a psychic who can determine your personality depending on your birth chart. According to this type of psychics, birth charts and patterns have the ability to determine the kind of person that you are and can have a huge influence on you fate.

Using the chart patterns on the time and season you were born, an astrologer will be able to reveal you your fate such as possible life partners, career birth, and your destiny.


This is a psychic that has special abilities in the study of numbers to reveal your fate and destiny. This psychic does the same job as an astrologer, but the main difference is the use of numbers in the interpretation. The psychic will use numbers that are related to your birth date, letters of your name and also your physical address for interpretation.

Intuitive counselIntuitive counseloror

This type of psychic is the same as the normal medical therapist and shrinks that we know, but they have special powers. The work of an intuitive counselor is to help you analyze your current situation and the problems that you are currently facing.

Just like the therapist that we know, this psychic will help you come up with solutions on how to deal with the situation that you are facing. This makes it easier for you to understand the situation and overcome it easily.

Past life therapist

A past life therapist is a psychic that helps you in remembering and analyzing your past life. It is not every time that you have a clear understanding of what happened in the past, and this therapist can be helpful in doing that. By helping you understand your past life, you can prepare for the future and look for ways on how to correct the present mistakes.