Avoid conflicts when living with parents

Tips on how to young adult can avoid conflicts when living with parentsLiving independently is the hope and dream of every young adult.

However, this is not always the case as there are a number of factors that might contribute to an individual staying with parents.

An individual might not be employed, might be in school or perhaps cannot afford the down payment required for one to sign a rental lease.

While leaving with a parent might not be a walk in the park, the situation is usually further aggravated by adults living with parents problems.

If you are in such a predicament, the following tips on how to avoid conflicts with your parents and how to plan on moving out might prove invaluable

Tips on how to young adult can avoid conflicts when living with parentsDo your share of the chores

This is one of the major areas that is a source of conflicts in all households.

Young adults tend to think of themselves as being independent by virtue of the fact that they will be moving out soon.

As a result, they tend to ignore house chores and this result in conflicts with the parents.

To avoid this, it is would be in your best interest to do your share of the chores so as to avoid conflicts

House rules

Coming in late, drinking excessively and in some instances smoking in the house are other common sources of conflicts.

Most households have house rules and by not sticking to the laid down rules since you consider yourself an adult will automatically result in conflicts.

As such, ensure you adhere to the house rules


You might not be having a permanent job but perhaps you have a temporary one that brings in just enough for your needs but still, not enough for you to get a place of your own.

As a token of appreciation to your parents for hosting you to such an ungodly age, try and make some small household contributions.

You might buy groceries once in a while or even volunteer to pay the electricity bill. This will keep you in good books with your parents and help you avoid conflicts

Save save save

You have to move out at one point or another: this is the harsh reality.

To prepare for your exit, try and save some money so as to be able to buy some furniture that will help you set yourself up

Exit strategy

Life is a journey and you have to start from somewhere.

Have an exit strategy, you can decide to borrow some old furniture once you have raised the required amount for rent or better still, get a friend in the same quagmire and jointly rent a house to cut cost.

By considering the above tips on how to avoid adults living with parents problems, you are assured of surviving this period before moving out to a place of your own.