Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen – For Contemporary Living


The fashion is industry is quite dynamic. Moreover, most fashion trends occur in cycles. In this regard, ancient designs have a chance of resurfacing later on. Like in the fashion industry, these trends continuously resurface in the interior design industry. In this regard, the egg chair has been with us for some time now. These chairs firEgg Chairst hit the market in 1950’s and hit their peak in the 1970’s.

Egg chairs derive their name in their oval-like design. Constructed from an eggshell design with some moldable materials, this chair automatically molds itself on your physique thanks to the padded interior. This chair was a big hit those days and is still an iconic unit in most contemporary living rooms.

Design Inspiration

The egg chair design was inspired by the design of the bubble chair back then. Unlike the bubble chair which had a complete circular shape, the egg chair had was some modification with that looked like an elongated spherical design. Moreover, the hands behind the initial design were those of the iconic Danish designer arne jacobsen. This design has been since re-engineered and customized by different manufacturers to suit the varying customer preferences.

Key Features


The egg shaped chair is made from a flexible polyurethane shell that is padded with cold foam. Moreover, this egg-shaped structure rests on an aluminum base and neatly polished steel pedestal. The iconic curves create warping effects that bring out unmatched comfort and style.

Celebrate Modernism

The need to modernize most living rooms rose to prominence in the 20th century. The modern upholstery design is anchored on the need to have some simple designs, quality, and lightweight materials that provide comfort in any living room.

Contrast with Lines

Egg ChairThe intentional curves that characterize the design of the egg chair offer a clear contrast to the dominant straight-line design in most windows, furniture, and artworks in your home. Having an egg chair in an environment dominated by these straight-line designs breaks the monotony and makes the room colorful and attractive.

To spice up your room with a beautiful and stylish chair, then the Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen is a great addition to have in your home. The beauty of having egg chairs is that they can be placed anywhere and still look great. However, considering that they are thousands of counterfeits that are quite cheap, it is advisable to avoid such units. The only way to have a chair that will give you the value of your money is through buying from authorized dealers.