The Benefits of Cypress Trees


The Cypress essential oils are usually obtained from the Cypress tree. The scientific name of the cypress tree is Cupressus sempervirens. The Italian Cypress tree has needle-like leaves and is grown in the deciduous and coniferous regions. This tree is evergreen and has rounded, woody, and small cones. It also has very ting flowers. The cypress tree is famous because of the essential oil that it has which is used to fight various infections. Let us look at some of the benefits of the cypress tree.


Heals infections and wounds

The essential oil that is obtained from the cypress tree helps in faster healing of the wounds. The antiseptic quality oftrees the cypress oil is due to the presence of the camphene. The cypress oil not only prevents infections but also treats the internal and external wounds.

Research has also shown that the Cypress essential oil has antimicrobial properties which inhibit the growth of bacteria. This is one reason as to why the Cypress oil is used in various soaps that have antiseptic properties. The cypress essential oils can also be used to treat skin eruptions, pustules, pimples, and sores.

Promotes blood clotting

The cypress oil also promotes blood clotting which is critical as it stops the excess flow of blood. The blood clotting properties of this oil are as a result of the astringent and hemostatic properties of the oil. The essential oil leads to the contraction of the blood vessels which stimulates the flow of the blood and promotes the contraction of the gums, hair follicles, muscles, and skin. The astringent properties of this oil make it able to tighten the tissue and strengthen the hair follicles.

The hemostatic properties of the oil make it promote clotting and stop the flow of the blood when it is required. These two benefits work together to ensure that open sores and wounds heal quickly. This explains why it is useful to women who experience heavy menses.

Removal of toxins

treesThe cypress oil also helps in the removal of toxins in the body since it is diuretic. It helps the body in flushing out the toxins which exist internally. It also increases perspiration and sweat which allows the body quickly to eliminate excess water and salt and toxins. It, therefore, prevents other skin conditions like acne which are caused by the building up of the toxins.

Relieves anxiety

The Cypress oil is known for its sedative effects. It induces a relaxed and calm feeling when used topically or aromatically. It not only energizes but also stimulates the sense of ease and happiness. It is particularly critical for individuals undergoing emotional stress.